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 Salmon and trout fly tyers of New Brunswick Canada who have excelled in the art of tying  hair wing, traditional feather wing, classic, and working flies, for fishing the Miramichi, Saint John, Nashwaak, Tabisuntac, Bartibog, Saint John, Dungarvon, Renous, Cains, Tobique,  Restigouche, Upsalquitch, Buctouche, Kouchibouguac,  Kedgewick, Nepisiguit, Jaquet, Petitcodiac, Kennebecasis, river, both little and big Sevogle, and  in the Northwest and Main Southwest of NB.

 Gusbur Glaspie's Days
Stories of a lad living on the Miramichi in the late 40's to 2005. A continuing Saga.

"Kouchibouguac or Cosseboom"   The Truth of the Matter Coming Soon

Abe Munn Eileen Murphy LA LaPointe Allie Mullin Eldon Goldrup Larry Tracy Anna Fogarty Emerson Underhill Lawrence Green Art Eastwood Everett Price Leslie MacLean Beulah Armstrong Frank Rickard Les Somerville Ben Connell Frank Lewis Louis McAloon Bert Miner Fred Grant Lucille Gallant Bill Carter Garnet Tweedie Paul Gillespie Bill Fullerton George Routledge Perley Wilson Billy Brown Gerry Perkins Ralph Billingsley Bob Baker Gregory Bennett Ralph Miller Bruce Waugh Guy Silliker Randy Giffin Bryant Freeman "Lew" Helene LeFebvre Rita Parks Budd Kitchen Herbert Barry Robertine St Laurent Carey Duplissea Herman Hare Ronald Long Carmel Boulay Irvine Smith Scott Doncaster Carmelle Bigaouette Jack Storey Sid Jarratt Cathy Colford Jack Sullivan Sid Matchett Clovis Arsenault Jenna Tucker Vinal Christensen Corinne Gallant Jim Forret Wallace Doak Clyde Goldrup James Harriman Rev Walter Lynch Cyril Elliot Jimmy DeWitt Roy Johansen Danny Bird JC Comeau Warren Duncan Danny Carr Jerome Molloy   Wilfred Ward D'Arcy O'Donnell Jerry Doak   DA Lapointe Joe Caissie   Dewey Gillespie "Gusbur" Joe Hubbard   Doug White John Henderson   Earl Donahue John Peter-Paul   Earle Wilson John Storey                     Roy Johansen

“Where The Rivers Meet”

The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick the 2nd Time Around

By Dewey H. Gillespie


“Where The Rivers Meet” The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick is the creation of Miramichi natives Dewey H. Gillespie and Walter Francis “Budd” Kitchen.  Since the early 1990’s they have collected and promoted information on New Brunswick Fly Tyers and now they wish to share this information with you.  The Fly Tyers represented in this collection were selected to acknowledge the contribution they made to the art of fly tying in the Province of New Brunswick.

Dewey and “Budd” graciously contribute this article to be published for your reading enjoyment.

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